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Related article: Date : Tue, 12 May 2009 00th 14 57th -0700 ( PDT ) From: Ami u003camias05 yahoo. com u003e Subject: Short C. Meetings 23 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimateImagination and therefore able to create our own fantasies Friends usually based and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file, so that if forMats or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias05 yahoo. com ******************************************* ** ***************************** ***** This seems to be a long chapter - no I can stop, I'm just off my order of the garden house. ******************************************** ***************************** ** **** Chapter 23 - The walls have ears n Alex and Simon remained hidden behind cover, three children were approaching the corner, then quickly went to the garden and drove up the street to see what direction their way in. the same method seems to work quite well for the next street, but thenSimon will soon face a dilemma. " Alex, if they go ahead, soon we will be outdoors, ` because we are away from all buildings and does not happen. " " Well, not his people know it's not mine, I do not know. WOT will calculate going to do? " " Bugger ! "Simon smiled suddenly, " Hey, hey... I know where to go we can cut, " " Where? "Alex asked, " How do you know? " " you are entering a shed, right? \\ \\ n Alex nodded, "So.. " " Well, "said Simon, " something that is below the edge of town, is the game y... " " So? So, "said Alex looked at him: " You love this little spy, right? " " Yer. "Simon laughed :" Since assignments are below... and what to do has a small garden... damn shed! " ", and will probably be a hell of a shed, well, " Alex said with a smile. " Therefore, it is a clever boy then? " Simon said with pride. Alex gave him a slap on the ass," But, clever clogs, how can we know what to shed? " " I'm just a spy master, as I know. "Said SimonIt sounded very superior, " We drown through the hole in the fence right here and we get that ` em and then see what they have emerged. " " Brilliant. Well fuck me " " I love it! When? "was no joke. " Pronto! " Nor was Alex. " Now let's go, or we miss ' em! " squeeze through the fence, was Simon s forward directly behind Alex and saw on your back, the lines general underwear visible tap jumped. One more time. They were not long in coming from behind a hidden greenhouse before Nigel. He was out of the way the main road, the past few rain barrels and contributed to a series of assignments covered for the coverage. Crucially, there are three more in ruins Search in Lolita Gallery this corner shed Alex squinted, looking out for, that were a. It seemed that Nigel was playing with a guy lock on average, waited until the door was opened and the Three boys had been received. After dodging an obstacle to obstacled the hope that they could not see who came a few meters from the farm in an n sin side window and hid behind a large cold frame, but in ruins. is The rickety old shed walls so thin that both could hear the muffled voices inside, pushed Alex Simon and showed that, as if it were only window was on the opposite wall at the door. They keep creeping closer and n to bottom and from the perspective of the window, then ends between the hedge and is the empty room. The voices inside were amplified by the echo of the buildings and you could hear now desperately hoping that all the noise they made would be transferred abroad is not easy. In Martin and Nigel had to say about the type of disaster events of Saturday afternoon, and his stepfather to be released from the mother of his s. "Fuckin 'hell ! " Art, said: " Yes.. I will not never see that bastard ?". You poor guys away and then, ie, gone forever 'n Martin said he considerable feeling. "Do not blame meu! "Nigel agreed," But how is yer mother now then... I mean,... Did you know... " " Well, she did not say much, to be honest. "Martin looked down, " But, I ` m not sure if it's a shame he's gone. Sounds strange ? " " Well, " Art in its own discreet way," is a sound as it is also shot the man, get over it ! " If life were that simple. " I have to help. , "Said Martin, thoughtfully, then smiled," Hey, but not half feel much better now that is gone. Anyway, to continue, I know We are here, I never said! " " is not the intention, "said Nigel, with a smile. " By the way.. " interrupted type " Nige Sorry, but I need a little help, because I really `m deep shit. " " There is nothing new ! You are always on the fucking shit! "Said Nigel smile, " WOT now then ? You mean what he said on the phone '? " " Yer, right on. "Art saw Martin :" Well, I do not spose to know ' his pants caught you doing? " " WOT yer pants ? No, actually, "Martin looked fascinated, "hey, this is So, nobody had done in the swamp, the other day? " " Yer. That's right. " kind of hope seemed to Nigel, " management that has Nige anything? "n searched in his pockets, and two of each, which produced a par look tired white panties ! " WOT shit ! " Martin chuckled, "WOT... " Nigel tries, without laughing, to explain, but could not. He paused, and restarted. "Mart Behold, this is a kind young man, under threat of death of his favorite mummy. 'It's because he's a fucking dirty fucking guy and he is himself desperately seeking.. and he nodded without washing or the clothes! " Enter the affirmative, although it seemed a little embarrassed to description accurate. Nigel continued: " Someone has stolen all their pants... but we know that s or why he has put some clothes in the afternoon, or mummy going to cut the balls brave little!... is not art? " nodded kind. Martin was laughing " YER and serious. " " I think I see.. . for he borrowed a pair of help you out. Is that true ? " " Yer. I have it! "Said Nigel," They are my parents. " top type in:" Hey, but Nige, do not say because it has worse... she thinks I have about five pairs of all waiting to be washed... " " Oh. ! Fuck " Nigel laughed :" But I only brought two, is all what I get ! " art was certainly more forward than backward. Quick as a flash he had to respond. " Now... uuumm... I will not borrow as those with two n ow... That would be four y... if the two as I... ummmm " blushed," I errrr, so that after five cumrag ! " Martin looked at Nelson. Nigel Martin looked and looked at both the type before dissolving into laughter. Beyond Alex Simon looked at him in disbelief. \\ \\ n "Is it really your brother," He s mouth is very difficult not to laugh, aloud. Lolita Gallery Simon nodded, his hand over her mouth. This was even the art is absurd \\ \\ n standards. "stupid bastard ! I would use this cumrag yer ! "Nigel said to wonder. "Well, only and only... if I promise that ` em back n right after they have 'em... I washed a good thing! Martin is You do? " \\ \\ n Martin was laughing, " Yer, that both have helped me. 's true, but only Lolita Gallery ` because I'm older. I have to have them back as good or mother I s, it is so particular about clothing and art with a fingerstick by new blue myself! "looked art so relieved that he was wrong, " Oh, shit,thank you! you saved me no life would have killed me. it's no joke. behold, I can do to WOT s up? "vi Nigel Martin:" Well, I could 'em take us, if you need 'em so bad Hey, Mart ? " face lit Martin. As it is now treated like any other kid. " does not take any today either make art? " Said Nigel do it. "No! " Art said, screwing his face: "And these cheap whore 'jeans are n I 'm sorry ass so hard in the way it was damn sandpaper" n " Well, I hope it damnClean! "Nigel said with a smile For a naive, but responded with pride. " Well, I have bad tonight... ' Because it's Sunday. " " WOT, if you need it ? "Said Nigel tries to keep a seriously. kind nodded, not seeing the joke n " Hey, do not forget, wash sticky tide line, then of... "He said s demanding Martin before turning in laughter n. Outside on the lawn and Alex and Simon had a sort of understood the ignorant comment Nigel thought very funny response. Simon was biting on his dirty tissue in a desperate attempt to stop himself laughing out loud while Picture Arts Baden butt of his pain in the bathtub, while the drops of semen swam calmly around. n "Want to go to the first Mart? "Asked Nigel nodded in the direction of art is playing with the queue in the pockets", looking dirty whore, she can not wait to get in your pants ! " After the trauma of the events of recent days and the fact that Martin was very Lolita Gallery - co trust with the childck hesitated at first, but I had thought to is something to help alleviate their concerns. "Now on the way here I had this idea," he said, "We come here to... " " Arise, Wank go? " Said Lolita Gallery Art quickly, but very promising. " Shut up," said Nigel laughed, "let's kill it. " " Well, I thought a little game !" Said Martin. Reaching into his pocket produce a coin. "There are three of us, if we throw so... " 'Lanza, is not the same as the idiot? " Interrupted a wet his lips. "Shut up! If we seek, "said Martin," to be linked, such as two heads and a tail or something... so the stranger stripped of the other two... " " Oooh... fuck, I am! "Said Nigel. He rubbed busy and bulky pants. " then left the two of us who always makes the first call received from the badly stripped of the other two and.. " " Who gets past all his clothes torn, and his donkey masturbated in caught, "laughed type. " I want to put your ass! " " Thinking frombe art, "said Nigel," could end up getting ass yer own! " " But I think now, "he said, trying to keep a straight face. " Dirty ass, that shit would, "said Martin, laughing," Well, , we give it a try ? " " Yer. Fuckin ' right! Let's go ahead with it, here just call us the money! " said Art alter the currency of the Martin grabbed his hand and threw in the air. N landed with a rotation and then fell. Looked at the floor type dust and said " He is the head. I have the head. Nige Go in turn. "Raised Nigel saw the other two, as he turned in the air n. Heard Finally, on wheels and thrown into the dust on the floor. The three of looked at. ! "Tails," said Nigel with enthusiasm : "It is a very good game invented Mart... I hope to take off your pants! I like your small tail! " "me too! "Martin smiled and held up the coin and threw it into the air. They watched in silence as he turned and fell gracefullyonly a gap between the planks missing. " This is it. " Said Martin. He looked down and then smiled, " There is... head! " " Shit," said Nigel, " seems to come to strip " art does not need a second invitation and I was at work. He told Martin to go from the front, while instead of fighting from behind Nigel. Push type his hard cock in the ass as her fingers began to feel grimy Nigel in T-shirt and rubbed her nipples delicate Nigel started laughing uncontrollable. With trembling hands, standing in front of Nigel Martin yn temporarily left his hands around her waist, and ends at the close of his old pants s. To him it was an amazing feeling to actually extract of one. More than willing, young and not in one of his fantasies that s were almost face to face, and deliberately made ​​eye contact Nigel get so Martin was forced to undo their pants around feel. dick Martin was completely rigid, with excitement as he threw Nigel zip. Seconds later, the pants were wrinkled feet with Nigel left him in a pair of white trousers, waving out of the bag under the pressure of a thick, heavy tail. The material from the waist down quickly soaked pre- ejaculation. " Do not do it again, Mart. If you think that will end all that about! " Said Art, carefully watching every move, "Look, you do so through the pre - fucking ejaculation gallons the lucky. " Martin reluctantly resigned and published art and Nigel. It was pretty obvious that the three boys agreed that there is nothing more exciting as seeing a boy who had been stripped by force. Nigel was very Lolita Gallery raised standing in his underwear, his shirt was partially reversed and pants at the ankles. said, " Fuck me !" Art expresses his jeans, "WOT game is shit ! " " go well, whoever it is with blood now?" said Nigel, placing his hand on the n against this report, " Ooh my cock is getting desperate! " n "I call it turning. " Martin said in art. The SPU currencyn in the air and landed on the floor. " Flip Me ? You dirty sod ! " Type and then looked laughed, " now called Mart n , go. " " Bosses". Said Martin. Type smiled. "You son of a bitch, it really come to do for me " became Martin coin shone there like a patch of calm No sunlight by the dirty windows of the dusty ground. of art, said: " Chief... " Martin pauses and then Lolita Gallery smiled and shook his head. "No! " " Damn," said Nigel, his hand still on the n before the panties of his. "Hurry ! " art, and took the coin, turned and looked at Martin. " heads again !" Said Martin, was even before the coin fell. Art saw his side, smiling, "TailsIt's time to give you moved out," he Martin no chance to resist. Art had his pants unzipped and n to his knees in no time. Nigel was standing behind and rams her clammy written in Martin 's ass, so that the back of Martin 's clothes were wet with his precum. Type in the past now so closeIng face Martin to face with his crutches hit every time Nigel pushed from behind. The feed pressure was mounting for the art inside the his pants were in very poor condition and could not stop the flow of precum. In the excitement, Martin was producing enough spots precum wet pants around their own. Something he did rarely, and now in secret pride. Nigel, to delay the process, so you must go Art undress before things have gone too far. N " Oi, that flow so we have to dress, however, and do not want to cum before we do? " "Shit," said Martin " I am so close " n "You and me," said Art to laugh again, " will not be long Fuckin ' haste" deceit nothing but their shirts and pants went to Nigel Martin. ! ? and nodded in the direction of art. "' want to do, just have it for you," " Yes, please," Martin said with enthusiasm: "Are you sure " \\ \\ n " I did it all before... you see once. But not careful, you cover sperm, " said Nigel laugh. " He that is done before ! " Outside, Alex and Simon were mesmerized by what is listening to Simon could not believe that was his own brother saw Alex in the awe and whispered to him " a dirty ass.. WOT I never thought I that! " On the other hand, Alex whispered, " No way we can see that something is there " Simon shook his head :" No, how? We can still hear, not exciting whore right? The guy is dirty man, right? D 'you know my dick is so hard, , which shall not pass ! " " I know it's mine. "Alex replied with his hand on Simon shorts hung up. " Would you like to... uh... You know, finish what he started before, " smiled Simon and nodded :" You dirty sod ! But you gotta be calm, I know I to make much noise, but we must be cautious yet. "Asked Alex: " But how ? You better not take off my clothes, if we have to do a term for it. " Simon, but for a minute, it was an opportunity not to be missed. " Yer see, if I sit here with my legs so y... uh ahead, that are in yer yer belly and wraps her legs around my waist and pull... yerself on my dick, goes well yer bum ! "n "I have it! " said Alex, pointing frantically agreement. He liked the tone is the close contact " Gawd, you want ? " Simon said with a smile, "I hope this will work, if I can get shorts and yer hand then find that very nice ass wash you! "n " I wish I had talked about wash your ass! " said Alex wrapped his Simons thin legs around his waist. "Oh shit Simon, I think your hard willy get me ! " "I will not tell yer bum,I promise! " He replied, pushing his crutch to against Alex. "And, do not go willy in me or I'll start to get a laughter! " So he put his hand to reorganize the front of your letter to your new hard penis took the opportunity of a finger stuck playing despite the layers of clothes, which was assumed Alex tail Alex moanedI felt calm and then two hands rubbing the buttocks, he account of his hard cock on the crutch of Simon. Simon leaned over and whispered, "Yes... let me tell you cum" n "Yes!" Alex nodded and closed his eyes and began to enjoy massage. But he soon opened again, when he saw the hand now massage the legs of his shorts. She was trembling with emotion. Simon also had a plan and called for a hand, both legs slowly. even in his right hand and pulled Alex slides at the end cupping his cock through the thin cotton. Meanwhile, the left hand found how elastic leg opening, and now is tantalizingly up and down the crack path hot Alex. " Hey you still use Wolsey Art pinched my pants ?" Whispered Simon excited. Alex turned his head and smiled. 'N Yer, I washed ' em, and they are the best I have! Me mom still does not know! " Simon bit his lip. ".... Um, sorry, "replied Alex: " I do not takef, then get yer hands up! Please ! " Smiled Simon. That would be fun. Back in the room, Martin was proud of himself. For once the pants actually shows a large patch of moisture and retired with his foreskin his cock head was purple through the transparent explanation materials. knew it would never Nigel ratios, but for the for the first time in his life he felt and thought it looked like their peers. more and more excited by the prospect of stripping so moved to him, "Let Nige, lets get 'em for it! " " Yes, "said Nigel, " I want to see the art of ass sore ! " " Fuck you ! " " Mart pulls he cried, "Nigel and suddenly grabbed her from behind type. his own experience of being deprived of the idea, now naked art Martin pushed to a sexual high. began to dissolve plastic shoes, but is in his enthusiasm, it was just awkward and ended only as a pull to expose the holes in your socks ! n " We wantnaked... Not measured ! "Said Nigel. " That's it, just drag 'em off! " " What little I do now? Should I... "Said Martin eagerly fly to kind of projection. " Mart, I do not care ! Just Fuckin ' get to work ! "Said Art, now laughing again," Nigeria can and let me go because I can not keep this up to n much longer and I will not fight! You can do what you want from me! " " Since you're Mart, which is not good for you, " Nigel said and winked," You can par do it all now, are a delight. I've done and know what to expect ! But he did not shoot cum on you! " This Nigel put his hand down the front of his pants and sat on a Martin bucket upside down leaving one of the most recent and most fulfilling of the n erotic fantasies bedtime. the button and zipper invested shortly. Martin turned the top of the jeans , like unpacking a gorgeous old. When he saw the muddy chaos No he just stared in amazement. Obviously the guy was busy heavy depositsPre- ejaculation for most of the afternoon on top of the previous value of 2 days, a nice crust was dry ! " Nige.. fuck.. look ! Lawn dirty. " Footer Nigel and went. Even he was surprised by the sight and passed his best singing teacher was something incongruous to think that had in his hand and "Arthur Weldon dirty boy you know, what have you made? are the things naughty in your jeans again ? Where are your pants? " red in the face, but nodded type laughter. I knew I was confused. " Well, I think, what? " Said Nigel went to Martin: " This guy is simply disgusting you ever seen such a thing? " " Unfortunately , no! "Martin said before laughing and setting pierce through your own efforts, his wet underwear. in his voice best teacher Nigel continued: "Now I hope that young Weldon, if This is the front of his jeans, which is not part of my ass as the state Is so? " Easy said, blushing as:" I do not know, there is cthere... But I WOT I do not know where it will be even more... 'S and laughed again. Time for another of Martin 's fantasies. " I think he needs a damn good spanking ! " Said Martin suddenly. that.. The temperature increase was almost palpable sexual With his eyes shone Nigel asked: "How? Wot! We're not never done that !" Smiled Martin and sat on the hub. Finally, he was an expert in this and knew that if he could be incredibly smooth strokes Adult parties. " pull their pants up to his knees and put it in my lap. ". He told Nigel This was a new situation and was a little worried : "I hurt n me... Promise. " " not bloody stupid!" said Martin, "is ummm... a bit like playing horny action! " N " I want to see the pain in the ass! " said Nigel. Quickly pulled out the type jeans to the knees and then bent his bum white spots inspect the cheeks " Well," said Nigel kind feeling hot breath on her butt. " Yer, thatsome red spots, pass. And clean it looks, "looked Martin and laughed, " must be a fucking sandpaper " " Bring him, " Martin said in a cloud. He patted his knee No waiting, and waiting n precum tail a further decline in the delivery. This was, in fact, a completely new experience. Outside of Simon s now had a finger Alex 's ass. was fuck on the back of the hand that was wrapped in shorts rubbed Alex instead was slightly the length of Alex Hahn. Lolita Gallery " Ready? "Martin looked down and stroked lovingly colored ribbon type. kids were very excited. Martin was really in immediate danger cum in his pants and had not started after the shock. That first percussion soft s produces a groan of pleasure from the arts and in the next s three strikes Martin thought he had the right touch on the right. Nigel rub his penis still dripping, while his underwear wet n to ask if he could give and take so much and try, success wash a Lolita Gallery n in. But he knew that Martin s Show, and according to what the poor boy had only through them ideal therapy seemed to " yer ass good is art? " Martin asked, making a pause. He crawled to try to pick up the pressure on your painful erection now trapped in n- the- fly easily from underpants. Art in the ass turned a nice healthy pink color. He responded very excited, "Jesus, I never Mart would be punished, but how fucked hot ! Please more, more! " "Hold On, I'll just see... mmm... "Martin tried desperately to are restricted Cumming. Now he was instrumental in the arrival point in his imagination before bedtime, when, inevitably, in his cum n pajamas. What could for the next scene ? This was the hottest thing Nigel had seen, and watched every move, such as is a hawk. Meanwhile, the fabric of her underwear stretched to breaking point. He had a hand in front of the n rubbing the tip of its tail, and the hand others, was overwhelmingly on the back pushed to keep his finger can rear. "Just checking " Martin continued not quite sure what he finds ! that s was an opportunity to pause to any notion of n contain premature ejaculation at least until he got his hand between the legs of his art. "Fucking Hell! Be careful... I can not stand it! Fuckin ' hurry up! " Was the type reaction. He felt helpless, beautifully contained in this position with his pants at the ankles. His hand was now between her legs that end Martin stroking art art is always random dribble into the palm. N " You have to go... damn easy.. or I'll stop! " Kind barely managed to tell, the sentence before he shuddered and deposited several drops of n directly in Martin 's hand sticky. " I will try to... well, Nigel is right, your ass is a bit sore from the jeans. " N , Martin said. Yes, he was succeeded miraculously move to the next chapter his fantasy to bed without running " Mmmmmhhhh... " slowly moved his hand: "If I rub it better" n " Mmmmmmhhhh... I... oh yer ass!" growled the art. " Fuck! " Martin felt his hand pressing on the cheeks of her bottom and was surprised that Martin was with a lotion. Of course, it was his own precum that gave him a generous offer ! Nigel Martin caught the eye and smiled: "Would you not? " He smiled Martin and nodded. Nigel got up and walked slowly over his head was eyeing a of the fly of his pants. As usual, the foreskin precum overflow and stem thickness drip bag is already saturated. Martin looked with nostalgia, his offer modest leaked a smaller drop in sympathy. Why could not have been born a little so n or at least be able to pre-cum on it to produce incredible amounts ! standing Nigel just shook his tail up and down and emptied the contents of of his foreskin completely vague kind of pink and Martin 's hand. warm precum was all over and slid down the bottom of the art crack. view and the feeling was pretty much the catalyst for everything that the followingfollowed. "can not last long! " Martin opened his mouth and swallowed. He looked up with Nigel, who waved a finger in the air and pointed Art in the ass. " not me!" Said Nigel smiled and waved his finger: "Do it, damn Stick it in! " " Fuckin ' hurry... " said Art Martin 's legs and white digits nothing of the impending " Spank me again... please... now faster before cum! " is Nigel trembling with emotion, when Martin put his hand down three \\ \\ n times in quick succession, is the shape and round ass. Enjoy the precum is the hand of Nigel Martin was jets everywhere and was stinging, obviously, when contact with wet skin. kind shouted, "Damn, what a shame that Beac..... " n ever got to finish the sentence. Martin could not resist n without notice after the last beat of his index finger rammed a in the ankle of the way cum filled ass. Work on the finger about, like a pudding with rapid stirringwas carried out with two fingers and then three. All well with a constant supply of hot water lubricated Nigel precum. for a few seconds, just a little moan of pleasure, then began to violence Shake before appearing on Martin to try to hump legs. Your prostate n responds to a signal, and a torrent of semen burst your testicles effort Martin to shoot in the legs and upper body. The heady combination of smell, eyes and felt it was too much for Martin. Understandable, since it is not under a lot anyway and had not realized that art has been limping on n him. In his sexual fury desperately clung to his cock, which inject begun, after producing milk splash pants. Standing and watching Nigel could not move. that was masturbating furiously. Precum chains anger hangs tail searches n around the hand of Martin, who was buried still in tramp art. Then, just as Martin was taken with the remains of his own thrill climax of orgasm and Nigeland their enormous charges of any kind is back, legs, chest and Martin. On the other side of the wall of wood shed were two children listening open-mouthed about that sex education should be lesson of his life! Alex 's desire to make your ass was explored the past, although the situation had become so unpleasant that satisfy n ow sitting next to his pants down, but still in the n underpants. Hear what was happening in the voices on the scales of that had tried to emulate what was happening! Of course that involved groping each other through their pants! After all the attention, Alex 's cock was very sore, as Simon had Do not stop hitting him. Finally it was Alex had semen on his pants fucked while her fingers. Then changed Position Simon could not resist, his hand still in underwear Alex still again and managed to power a little rubbing to climaxa second time, Alex was very proud of the fact that his pants, we have a little of her two young wet orgasm, although the second was more of a dry peak. Simon, but still had the advantage of being able to ejaculate for n several dry orgasms. The first was when I was dragging his hand with Alex at the top. This was caused by three orgasms Alex, followed by rubbing it through his pants. However, there was the price paid by four orgasms, as his cock now feel very hard indeed. He looked very Red, especially around the base of the head and quickly became a even painfully sensitive to the slightest touch. " Well, I hope they were right... " said Martin in a dream. Blinking, looked to see his finger still in a kind of white ass. He felt hot and very slippery. " WOT about... " growled very slowly back to life with a quick with enthusiasm. " in yer ass is clean! " N " I ate... clean... WOT ? Why ? " to fight their way to openThe eyes and was surprised to find himself face down watching a dirty floor. All I could see what was, white-footed Martin and semen stains. "Fuckin 'hell, WOT happens! " "I think masturbating more and fainted ! " Nigel said, smiling. Now she leaning against the wall and looked completely exhausted itself "Fuck !" Art was in shock. Obviously, this was not a wonderful thing ends fantasy, a wet dream she had. It had been true! " Yer ass is clean! Still I have my fingers on it! " Martin said, laughter. No he was not now in line with the rest of the conversation and ass still fascinated by the art. To prove the point, he moved his finger in the company of some slurping noises. "Fuckin 'hell !" Is called art. He took his long-suffering tap. "Hold it Mart, I think I can cum again! " "... WoT ' yer fucking joke !" Nigel said: "You're going to masturbate death! " N "Really ?" Asked Martin, eyes wide in disbelief now. "Fuckin 'platformht... Oh bloody hell that 's all gone sticky, you know? "Art drawn his hand and looked at him and spat hard into the palm of your hand before wrapping back to the tail. " Oohh that is better, " he said with a smile, " I wack ass Mart.. Please ! "n " I'm going to do, right ? "Said Nigel was moving again. Martin smiled," why do not yer ! Kind, not only do what we are swopping over n! " Before art had yet realized what had happened to him had raised Nigel Martin off and quickly sat on the hub of art in his lap. " that's better, "said Martin rubbed him down " was the bucket of blood Lolita Gallery is killing me in the ass! " Smiled Nigel," My turn now I 'm going to kill two of our asses! In this way, right? " " WOT... "His response was interrupted, as Nigel 's hand the first blow landed in the ass n " Hey, wait, " Martin said with enthusiasm. " ! I have an idea... The art will be the pants right now is not yer house? " Nigel nodded," Y... " now," Martin said his sperm wet underwear down to his still show very stiff tail"Well, I dressed them now, and you can whip n him that" face lit Nelson. "You're a dirty bastard bit.. n looks your cock, I bet you fucking thinking about it every fucking straw not the night... right? " Martin blushed , then smiled, "could do, why not! " " You're as bad as us! "Said Nigel. " Put the right, I'll keep ' em in n it! " " YER WOT is happening, "said Art felt his legs cramped all was not enough with the questions. Martin managed eager hands grope their way around your back and tail as he pulled the panties to the art of deciphering. " Ooohh fuck me," complained sort of " Ooohhh these pants are hot and all kinds of sticky... oohhh shit ! " As exciting as it was on the inside, out of the room was pushing Alex and Simon points at his watch. " Simon, who is 04 hours. "He whispered, " I have to go for the time I have at home a cycle, tea time and I would not want the cause of his late `n I will spend minds. " Simon noddedand reluctantly, " I'll go with you, then go to home before very friendly. " n "You should have started sooner!" Alex said: " Cor, I 'd like to see, is not it ?" Nodded Simon, rubbing his cock and put a hand on Alex 's shoulder, " never Ghoul, we had to have fun, do not you? " smiled Alex. Children in hiding and were soon back on the road. We had to walk back to the loss Simons House discussed the incredible afternoon activities and so n Tom Poor! They also found injured after a very short, that the abuse excessive are on foot instead of their cocks were sore rubbing on her panties. Alex had no special interest in knowing Cycling in the home as well as the butt of his not so recovered by Simon finger extensive activities the meantime, the balance is now the wings and turned about himself flagellistic sky. Both the type and Nigel was taken very beat up! A big! to the delight of art Nigel was rhythmic, but the soft clickingPink buns now clearly visible when cum soaked panties. His free hand straw exchange between himself and then touches his dick through art n with sperm soaked material. As usual, Nigel produced enough precum for the three ! His writings were saturated own now and clear the whole bag. The surplus was met and stains on the front is what Martin slips to use as a lubricant to make art with sex! This truly inspiring vision, no, do not go unnoticed by the once shy Martin , now sitting before the art. Drooling, a kind of ached lips around the spongy head of his penis, while Martin played wrapped tongue wrinkled folds of his foreskin. His eyes were closed and is now completely stripped all inhibitions Martin vigorously fingers of his own ass as art sucks hungrily. no Now as before, when in the company of Art and Nigel, took a long time Martin before the edge of another orgasm. Within seconds left uncontrolledHis beautiful cock in her throat as when accidentally his penis pressed against the article to strangle almonds. the immediate reaction of n was trying to ward off Martin. But now n in the control of Martin had begun to ejaculate again and Lolita Gallery it was a jet hot cum in the back of the throat guy. Its tail twitching violently fell on Art of the mouth and smeared his cum drips through the final Enter the hair. Lolita Gallery At which point Martin lost his balance and rolled back to the dirty floor with her legs in the air for a perfect view of the two finger : n is in his ass. all performance lasted barely a minute. Nelson was cock flooding underwear a second time, while he stared open-mouthed a Martin 's view wallowing in dirt or finger movement, while in the ass. It was as if nothing stopping Martin was always a finger up a somebody or somebody! seemed that Nigel was the only one still conscious, he looked around. Art has been elegantlyl knelt, bright red buttocks of the beating , cum in her face and hair with his right hand still covered s involved in reports Martin. Cum on now filtered through the fine cotton and hang in long discussions on the ground looked and would cum again! Martin also saw in a terrible state. Crespo to where it had fallen n and breathing heavily, had managed a shaky finger always in n your ass! The bad news is, literally, stuck in the earth the ground that he had sperm that had been sprayed to put all the in the afternoon. " Fuck me !" Sighed Nigel. The question asked was how on earth they would do look presentable enough to go home and be with their parents? all that was understandably proud of the appearance of their descendants The type of blow to the ground and said: "We dirty bastard, you... until now! " " OoowwThat hurts !" cried all the waybut falls to the ground with surprise. With some difficulty she got up, leaning against the shed wall. The n semen of his writings is slowing dripping inside your legs. A poor attempt to delete it, realized what he had done was hands covering it with Lolita Gallery If you look at it in disgust, said plaintively : " Oh shit Nige, that WOT now is it done? we do it again! " " We have the right fucking mess WOT ! and see that the poor ! " said Nigel slowdown out of the bucket and point to Martin. The only moving part of what appeared to be his eyes , Said, Nigel to remove her wet underwear "right. " ". Behold WOT n to do, " vi n tail Nigel Martin went to the eye. Still full of blood but not upright between the legs while swinging pendulum, still dripping cum the foreskin. Martin looked very short Lolita Gallery supply, some n small and covered with dirt and dried milk. He reasoned with himself is thought, but avoidingously not be " WOT should I do? " asked plaintive sound a bit more than most need any direction. " You will put the pants on and WOT," replied Nigel, " what else is going to 'em go home without all the semen in the " of art, but for a minute, and then his eyes light up, "Cor, fuckin 'hot ! " " yer. and you have no inside yer jeans ' cause concern \\ \\ n which are already included in it! "said Nigel giggles. Martin started trying to get up but her legs felt like rubber. Finally sat down and leaned against the wall. Carefully observe the output Nigel help art in wet underwear and pull them fight to on your own. Nigel Martin resigned to admire his work. " All Mart right? " " bit shaky, my penis feels like it is never more ! " Said Martin to play softly. "I could have hurt you? " "... Now I have another stiffy ! " Art said with pride, and touched the n Before the slide ! N "to fucks well ! You dirty pig ! "Nigel said with a smile," Will you let thought, jerking back and forth to help poor children see Mart ass! "N " I would be! " " This is the next time ! "Said Nigel, shaking the remaining drops of semen from the cock of her s. " WOT have to kill you, you can not go home, such as it. Can you? " " You're like a big brother! "Said Martin. He smiled and looked at him. " stupid bastard ! "Nigel said. Perhaps he was acting like Big Brother. What s something good to say, they really flattered. You can make your eyes contact, looked away. "You have an idea... "Art has appeared in" I have to wash the old pants that I Nigeria anyway... So why not clean and clear 'em it to the Lolita Gallery ground ? " " So you're nothing but a beautiful cock Cummy two pairs of pants then, " replied Nigel smile :" That shit believe that completely self- yer n Brilliant! " About fifteen minutes later, three Lolita Gallery very tired and disheveled boy created in the sunshine outside the ship and made their slowly back down the road. With his hair still stuck with the milk dries slowly Arts together with some difficulties. Among other things because the rolls were still very the beating contest, had her ass was very intense penetrated. On the other hand, his cock was very sore and the two pairs of mud absorbing underwear under his pants quickly goes cold and wet and there to get it started. Nigel was probably the most convenient, but do not say, as For the first time I realized I was not wearing underwear. Have also been sounded exciting, but after a few hundred meters away early progress through its check valve that has either been disabled is bitten or against further stimulated erection more Martin was not the same problem because his penis was significantly smaller, but it felt so uncomfortable. In particular, from the back seam of his trousers in hard times in her section of stimulatedass and his foreskin was as if somehow connected at the bottom of your postcard ! With their various aches and pains in the foot was at home much longer as they thought. However, it could give them the opportunity to dream an apology , as seen, for it would be if all parents said, follow the same Chapter 24.
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